Interim management

Interim Management is an effective solution for those who quickly need to add experienced talent to your business. We who make interim solutions have our own operational experience. Combined with our many years of consultancy and a wide network of consultants with solid experience, we can quickly add the specific skills you are looking for.

Part of Serveoffice’s mission is to be a driving force in the use of interim consultants to develop existing staff and drive change. Interim Management is a cost-effective solution, as it does not entail any start-up or settlement costs, but you as a customer pay only for working days, in other words, only for what creates immediate added value for you.

Our interim consultants have proven over the years that they can make a big difference in a short period of time and work well for temporary needs or a coming recruitment. Getting a consultant with solid experience, specialist skills and new perspectives has often proved to be invaluable to our customers and delivered a result beyond expectations. Serveoffice works proactively with its network of interim consultants, as speed combined with very high quality standards is important.


Examples of occasions when an interim consultant can be an advantageous solution:
• Recruitment period – Period until you get the right person in place
• Expertise – Expertise in a unique area of expertise
• Implementation – Before a new boss or specialist takes over, the business needs to be lifted to a new position
• Quick replacement – at unexpected head-, specialist departure or a longer absence
• Stoppers – when the business needs unexpected workforce
• Specific projects – for time-limited projects that need specialist skills