Recruitment in Stockholm

We offer recruitment services

Serveoffice offers recruitment services where we appoint everything from junior to very senior profiles. We work with a well-functioning methodology and proven processes that have undergone quality assurance during the 27 years we have been operating. We attract the right candidates through our candidate bank, our network, external CV databases and last but not least through search. We see ourselves as competence experts rather than industry experts.

Our offer is packaged in three deliveries:

  • Talent Search
  • Professional Search
  • Executive Search

Through this arrangement, you as a customer will get a detailed overview of the delivery and its component parts. In each delivery you have the opportunity to customize the recruitment according to your needs and the role you intend to appoint by choosing, alternatively deleting, some parts of the recruitment process. We work with TalentQ for tests.


Talent Search

The Talent Search recruitment offer is aimed at those who want to recruit a person at a junior or middle level. Examples of roles can be HR Administrator, Financial Assistant or CEO Assistant.

A preliminary study is being carried out at the customer’s premises and subsequently compiling a profile together. A short video is recorded in which the recruiting director answers some questions that are displayed to the candidates at the interview. Advertising in different channels and mailing in Serveoffice Candidate Bank are carried out. At this level, selection recruitment is the most common but search can be added as needed, as well as tests. Telephone interviews, deep interviews, candidate presentations and referral are also included. The process ends with a follow-up with both customer and candidate six months after the appointment.


Professional Search

Professional Search is aimed at those who want to recruit at a slightly higher level, such as roles as accounting economists or economists.

A thorough preliminary study is conducted that includes a number of interviews with you as a customer, a claim profile is set and a company presentation is created. The recruiting director is filmed and answers questions displayed to relevant candidates. Furthermore, advertisements, mailing in our candidate bank, and a thorough search process are initiated by our recruitment consultants. We make phone interviews and deep interviews. This delivery includes Personality Test from TalentQ, skill tests and drive factors can be added if desired. Finally, references and follow-up are taken with both customer and candidate after six months to cancel recruitment.


Executive Search

Executive Search is aimed at those who want to recruit a key person to the highest positions of an organization, such as roles as CEO, CFO or District Manager.

Through our subsidiary Executive Partners Scandinavia, we recruit key personnel to companies worldwide and thus strengthen our customers’ competitiveness in the global arena. Our consultants have solid work experience, which means great understanding of businesses and their skills needs. Executive is a member of Föreningen Sveriges Executive Search Consultants, which is a professional association for authorized consultants working with Executive Search, a good quality assurance. We are also members of Agilium Worldwide, which gives us a larger global network.